Embrace the allure of gaming history with the Haxtec Antique Iron Mini Dice & Black Gold Dice Cage Set, a quintessential collection for the avid role-playing gamer. This set offers a unique blend of tradition and utility, featuring meticulously crafted mini metal dice that boast an ageless design reminiscent of cherished heirlooms. The compact size of these dice, coupled with their remarkable detail, makes them not just game pieces but treasures that enhance the gaming experience.

Housed within a hollow d20, the set can accommodate up to three sets of mini dice, ensuring that you’re always prepared for any adventure that lies ahead. Designed for convenience and style, the dice cage can be easily attached to a keychain or adorned as a necklace, bringing a touch of the fantastical to your everyday. Whether you’re delving into dungeons or exploring far-off lands, this dice set is your gateway to immersive storytelling and epic quests.

Key Features:

  • Complete Set: Includes a full set of 7 polyhedral dice for comprehensive gameplay.
  • Versatile Carrying Case: The hollow d20 dice cage serves as a portable and stylish case that can be hung on a keychain, ensuring your dice are always at hand.
  • Accessorize Your Adventure: Comes with a high-quality necklace and keyring, offering multiple ways to carry and showcase your dice.
  • Time-Honored Design: Boasts a classic antique style that evokes the richness of history and seamlessly blends with any game setting.
  • Durability Meets Elegance: Crafted from solid zinc alloy, these dice are not only durable but also possess a striking aesthetic, making them a perfect gift for Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Antique Iron Mini Dice & Black Gold Dice Cage Set



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