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Shadowverse Evolve: Maculate Ablution Starter Deck


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Embrace the divine essence of Havencraft with the Shadowverse Evolve: Maculate Ablution Starter Deck. In this celestial journey, harness the sanctity of powerful Amulets to command the battlefield with grace and might. As you unfold the sacred tactics within this deck, find solace in the recovery of health, a testament to the enduring spirit of light and restoration. This meticulously assembled deck offers a gateway to the sanctified realms of Havencraft, inviting you to a strategic crusade where wisdom and valor prevail.

With the Maculate Ablution Starter Deck, immerse yourself in the strategic depth of Shadowverse Evolve, where each card is a beacon of hope and a harbinger of divine retribution against the shadows. As you deploy your followers through the sanctified might of your Amulets, experience the profound synergy and tactical prowess that Havencraft embodies. This deck is not just a collection of cards; it’s a testament to the enduring light within, guiding you towards victory with a righteous hand.

Key Features:

  • Divine Strategy: Harness the power of Amulets to control the battlefield and summon loyal followers.
  • Healing Grace: Utilize cards that not only advance your strategic position but also recover your health, symbolizing the restorative power of Havencraft.
  • Ready-to-Play Deck: Dive straight into the action with a prebuilt 40-card deck, complemented by 10 evolved cards for dynamic gameplay.
  • Comprehensive Set: Includes a leader card, 10 token cards, 3 Evolution Point cards, a playmat, and a rule sheet for a complete gaming experience.
  • Sacred Artifacts: The defense counter and punch-out counters add a tangible element to your strategic planning, enhancing the immersive experience

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