Unleash the arcane fury with the Shadowverse Evolve: Mysteries of Conjuration Starter Deck. Delve into the dark arts of Runecraft, where every spell you cast weaves a fate more formidable for your foes. As the incantations echo, witness your followers emerge from the shadows, empowered and eager for the fray. This deck is not just a collection of cards; it’s a compendium of curses and a testament to the power that lies in the forbidden knowledge of spellcraft.

Within this eldritch ensemble, every card is a conduit of chaos, designed to erode the enemy’s resolve while fortifying your forces. The Mysteries of Conjuration Starter Deck is your gateway to mastering the malevolent magics, a tool to tilt the balance of battle with every spell woven and every creature conjured.

Key Features:

  • Spell-Fueled Strength: Harness an array of devastating spells that bolster your followers’ might with each casting.
  • Prebuilt Potency: A ready-to-play 40-card main deck plus 10 evolved cards, curated for immediate arcane assault.
  • Dark Arts Diversity: Includes a unique Leader card that epitomizes the Runecraft’s cunning and control.
  • Tactical Tokens: With 10 token cards and 3 Evolution Point cards, strategize to surprise and subdue your adversaries.
  • Complete Conjurer’s Kit: Comes with a playmat, a rule sheet for mastering the mystic maneuvers, a defense counter, and punch-out counters for full immersion into the dark depths of Runecraft.

Shadowverse Evolve: Mysteries of Conjuration Starter Deck



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